Executive Search

Bespoke executive search services.

Dive into bespoke IT executive search services with ITHR.LT. As industry insiders, we master precision in executive placement from CEOs to CPOs.

Benefit from our unique blend of tech tools and insights in executive search recruitment. From Vilnius roots to a global reach, discover the trusted executive search journey tailored to your vision. Your next IT leader awaits.

Your Key Benefits

Specialized IT Executive Search: We aren’t just recruiters; we’re IT industry insiders. Our exclusive focus on IT leadership ensures precision in every executive placement we facilitate.

Strategic Approach: Our executive search recruitment process is a blend of advanced tech tools and human insights, ensuring that every candidate we shortlist aligns with your organization’s core values and strategic vision.

Trusted Partnerships: We pride ourselves on fostering lasting relationships, both with businesses and executives. Trust us to be your strategic ally in every IT executive search endeavor.

Global Reach, Local Expertise: While our roots are firmly in Vilnius, our network spans the globe. This gives us an unmatched advantage in locating the perfect candidate, no matter where they are.

Placing Skilled C-Level professionals

Chief Executive Officers (CEO)

Chief Technical Officers (CTO)

Chief Financial Officers (CFO)

CIO (Chief Information Officers)

Chief Marketing Officers (CMO)

Top Managers

Chief Operations Officers (COO)

Chief People Officers (CPO)

Key skills in leadership selection

Technical skills This refers to a leader’s proficiency in utilizing a wide range of technical tools, procedures, and supporting technologies.

Interpersonal skills Effective leadership requires the capability to understand and address the moods and needs of the staff, as well as the ability to motivate and inspire them.

Conceptual skills These encompass the aptitude to grasp and coordinate the overall functioning of a company (or a specific department), harmoniously align tasks, establish their sequence, and make efficient, long-term decisions.

3 Months Quality Guarantee

Together with our candidates, we provide a 3 months quality guarantee.

If within this period the employee leaves your company or is found unsuitable, we will find a new, appropriately motivated candidate for you free of charge.

Our Executive Search Process: A Commitment to Excellence

We’ve distilled our process into a series of strategic steps designed to yield the best results.

  1. Consultation and Understanding: We kick off every search with an in-depth discussion about your needs. It’s vital for us to understand your company culture, values, and strategic vision.
  2. Market Analysis: We utilize state-of-the-art tools to assess the current market, identifying potential candidates and evaluating the competitive landscape for IT leadership.
  3. Candidate Outreach and Engagement: Leveraging our vast network, we reach out to potential candidates, ensuring discretion and professionalism at every touchpoint.
  4. Rigorous Evaluation: Every potential executive undergoes a meticulous evaluation process, from technical and leadership competency checks to cultural fit assessments.
  5. Client Presentation: Once we’ve shortlisted the most fitting candidates, we present them to you, equipped with comprehensive profiles and our expert insights.
  6. Interview Facilitation: We coordinate and facilitate the interview process, ensuring smooth communication between all parties.
  7. Offer Negotiation: Acting as your trusted partner, we assist in negotiating terms that align with both your company’s objectives and the candidate’s expectations.
  8. Onboarding Support: Our job doesn’t end with a successful placement. We provide support during the onboarding process to ensure a seamless transition for both the executive and your team.

Trust in our tried-and-true executive search recruitment process, and rest easy knowing that your next IT leader is just around the corner.

Executive Search Fees

Our executive search success fee range from 15 to 20% of the annual gross salary and depend on the skills, experience level and domain.