Premier IT Headhunting Services

Unearthing Tech Titans

Discover unparalleled IT headhunting expertise at ITHR.LT. As specialized tech headhunters, we unlock access to top-tier IT talents globally.

Dive into our strategic and confidential process, from C-level executives to senior software engineers. Experience precision matchmaking and benefit from our 3-month quality guarantee. Join us to unearth the tech titans perfect for your needs.

Highly-qualified talents are not actively looking for jobs, that is why passive candidates make up more than 80% of all candidates in the ITHR.LT headhunting process.

Your Benefit

Deep Tech Expertise With a core focus on IT headhunter services, we possess an in-depth understanding of the technology industry, its trends, and its future trajectory.

Global Network Our reach extends beyond borders. As dedicated tech headhunters, our network spans continents, granting you access to global IT leaders.

Precision Matchmaking We’re not just a headhunter recruitment agency; we’re your strategic partners in talent acquisition. Every match we propose is the result of meticulous evaluation and alignment with your company’s ethos and goals.

End-to-End Confidentiality From CTOs to CEO headhunters, our process ensures discretion, maintaining the integrity and privacy of both clients and candidates.

The main difference between headhunting and regular recruitment is a higher level of interaction with the client during the candidate selection process and more intensive involvement in job offer negotiations.

Our IT Headhunting Specializations

C-Level Executives: Need a new CTO or CIO? Our CEO headhunter expertise isn’t just limited to the top position; we cover the entire C-suite.

Tech Department Heads: Whether it’s software engineering, cloud services, or data platform, our tech headhunters can find the right leaders for every niche.

Senior Software Engineers: Streamline your tech projects with key players who understand the nuances of effective IT project implementation.

3 Months Quality Guarantee

Together with our candidates, we provide a 3 months quality guarantee.

If within this period the employee leaves your company or is found unsuitable, we will find a new, appropriately motivated candidate for you free of charge.

Your Journey

Client Briefing: Understand your specific leadership needs, company culture, and strategic goals.

Market Insight: Utilize our expansive database and industry connections to identify potential candidates.

Engagement: Approach potential leaders with discretion and professionalism.

Thorough Vetting: Conduct rigorous evaluations, interviews, and reference checks.

Candidate Presentation: Deliver a curated list of top-tier candidates aligned with your requirements.

Negotiation & Onboarding: Facilitate offer negotiations and ensure a smooth transition for your new leader.

How long does the headhunting process take?

Before taking on your order, we evaluate the feasibility of completing it.

If we agree to work on it, you can expect the first candidates within 2 weeks.

IT Headhunting Fees

Our headhunting success fee range from 10 to 20% of the annual gross salary and depend on the skills, experience level and domain.