Premier Recruitment Processes Outsourcing

Empower Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Explore the pinnacle of recruitment process outsourcing at ITHR.LT. As a renowned RPO agency, we blend bespoke solutions with a global reach.

Dive into our tech-driven RPO recruitment strategies, offering end-to-end services and flexible models. Our expertise spans across various tech domains, ensuring premier talent acquisition tailored to your needs.

Key Benefits

Bespoke Solutions: No two companies are alike. We offer tailored RPO solutions, ensuring that our recruitment strategy mirrors your business objectives and culture.

Global Reach: As one of the leading recruitment process outsourcing firms, our expansive network spans continents, ensuring you access top-tier talent, anywhere.

Tech-Driven Approach: Harness the future with our tech-savvy RPO recruitment strategies. Using state-of-the-art tools, we ensure efficient, accurate, and timely talent acquisition.

Complete Lifecycle Management: From job profiling to onboarding, our holistic recruitment outsourcing services cover every facet of the hiring process.

Services Offered

End-to-End RPO: We take over your recruitment entirely, driving efficiency and quality in your hiring process.

Project-Based RPO: Need to ramp up hiring for a specific project or time frame? We’ve got you covered.

On-Demand RPO: Scale up or down based on your hiring needs with our flexible on-demand services.

Our areas of expertise

We recruit for permanent, contract/interim, temporary and remote positions across all the most popular software development divisions.

Areas of expertise

3 Months Quality Guarantee

Together with our candidates, we provide a 3 months quality guarantee.

If within this period the employee leaves your company or is found unsuitable, we will find a new, appropriately motivated candidate for you free of charge.

Your RPO Journey

Requirement Analysis Understand your specific hiring needs and organizational culture.

Strategic Design Craft a recruitment strategy that aligns with your business goals.

Talent Sourcing Leverage our vast network and tech tools to source the right talent.

Candidate Screening Ensure potential hires match your requirements through rigorous assessment.

Interview Facilitation Seamlessly coordinate and manage the interview process.

Offer Management From negotiations to roll-outs, we ensure a smooth offer process.

Onboarding Assistance Transition new hires into your team with ease and efficiency.

Continuous Improvement Regular feedback loops to refine and enhance the recruitment process.

Recruitment Process Recruitment (RPO) Fees

Our regular success fee range from 10 to 20% of the annual gross salary and depend on the skills and experience level.