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Find Talented Local Developers & Engineers Securely
One in two-three of the Lithuania based IT professionals is already in touch with one of our IT recruiters at some point.
Our extensive network has led to remarkable success, with 85% of our jobs coming from returning customers, often exclusively using our IT talent recruitment services.
Our Advantages
Deep understanding of the Lithuanian IT market and the specifics of hiring local programmers.
Over 4000 followers (programmers) on my LinkedIn profile, enabling quick candidate sourcing and efficient scheduling of initial interviews.
High success rate in placements and satisfied clients, as evidenced by recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.
Client convenience: I am available not only during regular working hours but also during non-business hours, and I respond promptly.
Permanent IT Recruitment Service

Our Services

  1. Development of attractive hiring conditions: We assist in creating competitive working conditions to attract top programmers.
  2. Talent sourcing and selection: We search for and select candidates who match your requirements and company culture.
  3. Skills and technical knowledge assessment: We conduct assessments of candidates’ skills to ensure their alignment with your requirements.
  4. Conducting initial interviews: We organize initial interviews with promising candidates to narrow down the selection and present you with the most suitable applicants.
  5. Assistance in negotiation during the hiring process: We provide support in negotiations with selected candidates, helping you achieve mutually beneficial terms

About Us

We are a team of IT recruitment professionals.

I am an experienced HR manager with 8 years of expertise in the IT industry. My role is to identify the most valuable candidates and provide you with top-notch specialists.

Zaure is our talent sourcing specialist responsible for identifying potential candidates and establishing initial contact with them.

Together, we offer a complete recruitment cycle, from sourcing and selecting talented programmers to providing support during negotiation processes.

Our goal is to help you attract outstanding IT professionals and foster successful partnerships.